The power of elements

The microclimate of the Krakow Salt Cave strengthens our defense mechanisms thanks to the richness of elements and minerals!

In our Salt Cave the air is full of precious iodine and other minerals (bromine, magnesium, potassium, iron, selenium, calcium), which are responsible for the proper functioning of the body.
Due to the appropriate temperature and humidity, such elements as:

Jod- is responsible for the proper functioning of the thyroid, which manages the metabolism and regulates the weight. It is an element that many people suffer from without being aware of it.
Calcium – essential for building bones and teeth, strengthens immunity, also affects the circulatory system, has antiallergic effects.
Magnesium – has anti-stress, reduces excitability and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, together with calcium affects the condition of the bones.
Potassium, sodium and chlorides – improve blood circulation of the skin and have a positive effect on the heart.
Iron – exhibits diuretic action, eliminates lethargy and increases resistance to infections.
Copper – promotes better absorption of iron, has an antifungal effect.
Silicon – strengthens bones, hair and skin.
Selenium – delays skin aging process, protects against cancer.

The microclimate of the Krakowska Jaskinia Solna is confirmed by research and certificates.

krakowska jaskinia solna


Medical equipment

For the sake of common good and ensuring a high standard – we use only professional equipment to prepare
the sessions:
Halogenerator – enabling the salt to be fragmented into dry salt aerosol particles that reach
the deepest parts of the lungs.
Graduation Towers – whose task is to strengthen the effects of inhalation senses, to which we constantly use Zablocka Salt Mist, which has the HIGHEST ION CONCENTRATION, and at the same time very high concentration of bromine, calcium, magnesium, silicon and selenium.
Humidifier – air purifiers, so that after a whole day of the cave’s operation, it was 100% prepared and cleaned before the next sessions, they are launched both in a small and large room. To strengthen the effect, we adding Zablocka Salt Mist.
Bactericidal lamp – to eliminate any bacteria and contaminants.
Air conditioning – adapted to facilities such as a salt cave to maintain a constant temperature in the cave
(22-23 degrees C.)
Lafuma loungers – which will provide you with comfort and convenience during the screening.
Massage chairs – with various programs and strength of massage. Duration of massage 10 minutes (massage chairs are separately paid – PLN 5.00).

krakowska jaskinia solna