What is worth knowing

What is worth knowing?
Krakowska Jaskinia Solna is located in the very center of Cracow, 10 minutes away from the Main Square, in the mysterious cellars of a historic tenement house. It is a perfect place for everyone who wants:

♦ Take a deep breath in healthy, clean air deprived of Cracow’s smog!
♦ Improve health,
♦ Strengthen immunity,
♦ Rest away from the city noise,
♦ Relax with the birds’ sing and the sound of the sea,
♦ Breathe in air full of marine elements, without going to the sea.
We have specially created three separate parts for you:
◊ salt and iodine cave for families with children with graduation tower,
◊ library with massage chairs,
◊ salt and iodine cave for adults with graduation tower.
Taking care of your comfort, we also took care of the quality and comfort of our deckchairs, which were tested and supervision by specialist doctors. Thanks to the lying position, we support and improve blood circulation in our body. Through the semi-recumbent position, the heart is above the knees, which ensures optimal relaxation and well-being.

Krakowska Jaskinia Solna

The armchairs are durable and ergonomic support for the back, which means you can change your position, whether it is comfortable and easy to get up. In addition to the angle of lying, you can also adjust the headrest, so that it is the perfect support for the neck. For full comfort, you can use the brakes to lock the chair, so that the entire session to spend in the most comfortable position, without the need to correct it.
Additional information:
♦ the session lasts 50 minutes,
♦ each session begins at full hour,
♦ the last session takes place one hour before closing time (20:00), the last session with children takes place at 18:00.
♦ entering the cave obligatory in white, variable socks,
♦ children under 3 years old are invited free of charge,
♦ on Tuesdays and Thursdays children free of charge (one child to one adult),
♦ it is obliged to make a reservation before session.
All promotions refer to individuals, subscribers, customers using OK System, Multisport Classic or Plus cards (MultiSport Active cards are not accepted!), FitSport, FitProfit, Sodexo coupons, customers holding the Senior Poland Card, Cracow Big Family Card and Cracow Cards.
We have worked on our logo for a long time so that we can create one that would completely reflect our views. That is why we finally chose the FLOWER OF LIFE, which shows how important in our lives the proportions are, and man is not only the body, but also the soul that needs to be nurtured. You have to remember that being a healthy and happy person is nothing but harmony in our body.
We present the values which, in our opinion, are the most important components on the way to full balance:
synergy, energy, emotions, vitality, awareness, relax, mind, harmony, health, body, spirituality, healing.
“What counts is only what your attitude to yourself is. Other relationships are just a reflection of this connection.
/ Andrew Mattheus /
Analyzing all of the above elements, it can be seen that they are closely related, despite the fact that we often do not pay attention to it.
Remember, let’s look at OURSELVES overall, holistically! It is not always the cause of the discomfort or dysfunction of our body that is difficult to see at first glance. That is why we recommend looking inside yourself. Caring for health is not only a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, or a balanced diet, but also (maybe even above all!) work on your interior – mind, emotions, awareness, attitude to yourself and the world around us.
Beautiful interior gives beauty outside!

Here is a summary of the services that you can use with us:
– inhalation sessions in salt cave at graduation tower, for children and adults
(throughout the week from 10:00 to 21:00, the last session with children takes place at 18:00 inclusive),
– concerts of bowls, gongs and other instruments (every Wednesday and Friday at 20:00),
– music therapy for children. These classes became the laureate of the Parent Award in the music category as the most developmental initiative of the Sunflowers 2017 poll organized by the Czasdzieci.pl portal,
– therapeutic and relaxation massages, face ANTI-AGING treatments and massage with therapeutic bowls by the Peter Hess method,
– the possibility of booking sessions for organized groups – adults, children, seniors and companies,
– fat burning treatments in the Vacuum Jet capsule.

New! Are you celebrate your birthday soon? Providing the appropriate document, we give 50% DISCOUNT on this special day for a session or concert, or 20% DISCOUNT for the selected massage 🙂 You can use the discount on another day (after the birthday), if there is no place or no ability to use the chosen service, during the birthday, caused by the inconvenience of KJS.
Attention! In the days when the content of harmful dusts in the air exceed the permissible standards and will be administered free public transport – we invite you for inhalation session to Salt Cave. One person payment in accordance with the price list or entry with one of the cards accepted by us – the person accompanying the payment for the screening – PLN 10.
See You there!