Krakowska Jskinia Solna was the first Solt Cave in Krakov witch obtain MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for HALOGENERATOR for the MANUFACTURE NATURAL SALT AEROSOL.

HALOTHERAPY – the name comes from the Greek word “halos” – “cloud”, “halo”.
Salt therapy is 100% NATURAL THERAPY AND TREATMENT THERAPY under the conditions of the restored marine microclimate. Its beneficial influence on humans was confirmed in 1843 by a Polish doctor – F. Boczkowski.

A one-time visit to the solt cave will bring relaxation and tranquility. In order to have a health effect, we recommend at least three sessions (50 minutes) during the week.

Positive effect of halotherapy:
increased lung ventilation, improved gas exchange, activation of the ciliary epithelium of the pulmonary tubules;
anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, bronchodilatory effect;
normalization of the functioning of the central nervous system; reduction of tiredness; calming, anti-stress effect;
increasing the activity of oxidation and reduction processes, stimulating the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and water; intensification of enzyme synthesis; reducing the sugar content in the blood;
reduction of arterial blood pressure; improvement of circulation, antispasmodic action.