Kisnesiotaping Kraków – ul. Długa 48/21

masaż leczniczyKinesiotaping is a method complementing the treatment therapy, quite young, came to Poland from Japan only at the beginning of the 21st century. Until recently, this method was supported by athletes, now it is used by everyone who has a problem with the dysfunction of the musculo-articular system.

How does Kinesiotaping help?

The aim of the therapy is to use the natural self-healing processes of the organism and to use its compensating abilities. The individual parts of the body are glued to different lengths and with different strains (depending on the need). The patches easily adapt to the surface of the skin. They are hypoallergenic and waterproof, have no additional medicinal substances or latex, have air permeable properties. Properly glued and good quality will last on the skin from 3 to 5 days. Their structure is matched to the structure of the skin, thanks to which they do not obstruct everyday activities and are virtually undetectable.

Depending on your needs, using Kinesiotaping you can:

– reduce muscle and joint pain,

– help the muscles work, loosen them,

– correct the fascial system and posture,

– improve the pathological position of the joint (normalization of muscle tone, increase in the range of movement, reduction of pain),

– remove lymphoedema (improvement of blood circulation and lymph, reduction of stagnation and inflammation),

– prevent stretch marks, eliminate scars.

Therapy is recommended for various types of injuries and injuries (eg stabilization of a broken thumb, instead of orthotics, etc.), diseases (eg tennis elbow, wrist, etc.), postural defects (eg scoliosis, falling foot, hallux, valgus knees etc. .), tendencies to muscle contractures, migraines, during menstruation, pregnant women, lymphedema (eg during injuries, after mastectomy) and many others.