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Masaż stóp i dłoniReflexotherapy (reflexology) is an area known since antiquity, focusing on the development of feet and hands. Why is it worth using this massage?

Both, on the hands and on the feet there are maps of the whole body, on which points are called reflex zones. They specifically correspond to the individual organs and organs of the whole organism.

Therapy, consisting of compressing the reflector points, stimulates physiological reactions, thanks to which the self-healing potential of the body is activated. Thanks to the appropriate pressure on a given point, we are able to compensate for pain in the sinuses, lumbar spine or liver.

While massaging individual reflections, the nervous system and circulatory system are stimulated, thanks to which pains of various origins (neuralgia, rheumatic pains etc.) are eliminated, as well as insomnia, indigestion or dizziness.

Massage points on feet and hands improve general well-being, relaxes and improves blood circulation. The reflexosotherapy treatment is recommended at times when the body’s immunity falls (during colds, flu, low-grade fever, etc.). Stimulates the work of the immune system.

One can not forget, how important are the feet of our movement system, carrying a very heavy weight on a daily basis, they need a moment of relaxation. Compression therapy, relaxes tensions that accumulate in the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the feet.

Reflexotherapy is primarily relaxation and a very pleasant experience! We work on cosmetics created on the basis of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, oils of vegetable origin. In addition to the sense of touch, we also engage the sense of smell, making the treatment more relaxing.

Indications for reflexology: insomnia, migraine, headaches and sinuses, respiratory infections, abnormal metabolism, indigestion, bladder diseases, female diseases, back pain.

Contraindications: varicose veins, discontinuity of the skin, foot ulcers, infectious diseases, acute or chronic high fever, osteoporosis, diabetes.