Relaxing massage with warm oils

Relaxing massage with warm oils Kraków – ul. Długa 48/21

A relaxing massage with warm oils positively influences the calmness and relaxation of the body and introduces it to a state of relaxation.

This is an excellent form of therapy that:

– reduces muscle and nerve tension,

– improves the psychosomatic balance,

– eliminates pain,

– speeds up the metabolism and

– stimulates the lymphatic system to increase immunity.

Relaxing massage with warm oils, is aimed at people living in constant stress and hyperactive, struggling with problems of insomnia, chronic fatigue and lack of energy, as well as for healthy people for purely relaxation purposes. Relaxing massage of the entire back, neck or legs is recommended for people who work in a sitting position and at a computer. During a long sitting position we are looking for a “comfortable position”, which is usually a pathological position for the spine. Also, the legs are exposed to unpleasant ailments – heaviness, swelling, cramps, etc.

The relaxing massage also uses point massage. By compressing individual source points, you can minimize or even eliminate uncomfortable muscle tone. This massage is a safe form of therapy, if you exclude contraindications that are identical to the classical massage.

Enjoy a relaxing massage with warm, natural and aromatic oils. Heat spreading over the body and an amazing aroma, causes greater body loosening and calming.