Segmental massage

Segmental massage Kraków – ul. Długa 48/21

It is closely related to the proper functioning of the nervous system. With the help of this massage, reflex changes in organs and tissues can be treated and removed. It is also used in the treatment of the diseases of internal organs.Being analgesic, it relieves the cardiovascular system, increases the vital capacity of the lungs, reduces hyperexcitability of the nervous system (resulting in a general increase in the efficiency of the body), it influences proper functioning of internal organs (e.g. intestinal motility, kidney function etc.).

Indications: post-traumatic disorders, circulatory disorders, chronic diseases of internal organs, disorders of the autonomic nervous system, degenerative, functional and chronic rheumatic diseases of the spine, joints and soft tissues.

Contraindications: no reflex changes, acute inflammation,
infection with elevated body temperature, acute bacterial inflammation of tissues, tumors, hemorrhages, or the threat of their occurrence.