Medical Certificate



Certyfikat medyczny na Halogenerator
The effectiveness of inhalation is determined by the size of the aerosol particles.
The latest achievement in the field of salt aerosol production is HALOGENERATOR, which had salt up to a particle size of 0.5 – 5 μm – which allows it to reach the deepest parts of the respiratory system. The aerosol is mixed with air and blown into the cave in the form of crystalline pollen. Thanks to the properly controlled operation of the device, the aerosol is delivered to the room in a cyclical manner; depending on the concentration of salt – what is monitored.
The dry salt spray due to the negative potential of the particles shows the ULTIMATE EFFECTIVENESS in reaching the ULTIMATE LOTS of the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. Has anti-swelling properties; anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, bactericidal.
Therapy is effective, and inhalation is a fast-acting way to strengthen immunity, fight respiratory diseases.
BETWEEN SESSION during ventilation of the cave, a dry aerosol that has bactericidal properties is associated with particles of contaminated air and settles on the floor with the power of gravity – CREATE PRACTICALLY STERILE ENVIRONMENT. In addition, a germicidal lamp is released.
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The study of air quality

Research carried out in Krakowska Jaskinia Solna by the Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology confirms the very good state of air quality.


Place-friendly certificate for kids

As the ONLY SALT CAVE in KRAKÓW, we were awarded the CERTIFICATE Place-friendly for kids
For children we have a specially designated play corner where they can play with ecological wooden toys. Parents with small children will feed and crush infants without any problems.


 Bowl and gong certificate

CONCERT-BATH-MASSAGE BOWLS, GONGS AND OTHER INSTRUMENTS in our Cave leads by Agnieszka Urban – certified therapist with sound, according to the method of Peter Hess:

She graduated:

Sound massage by the Peter Hess® method – 1st and 2nd degree
Sound massage by Peter Hess® method – III and IV degree
Gong in meditation and concert.
CLICK Sound in pedagogy – sound massage with children. Play and learn with all your senses according to the method of Peter Hess.
CERTIFICATE- Sound Massage Practices according to the Peter Hess® method.

The concerts take place every Wednesday and Friday at 20:00. Pre-booking by telephone or e-mail is required.
Vacuum Jet certificate
Vacuum Jet capsule – is a fully professional equipment of the highest quality. The certificate issued by the manufacturer is a confirmation.

Certificate regarding compliance of construction works performed
Certificate issued by the Department of Concrete Construction of the Technical University of Lodz regarding the compliance of the construction works with the construction art for the following objects: Groty Solne. They are made in accordance with the principles of the construction art and technical conditions of performance and acceptance of construction and assembly works.

Analysis of salt chemical composition
Results of the analysis of the chemical composition of Dead Sea salt from Dead Sea Jordan Trade International Sp. z o. o. The tests were carried out at the Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Medical Academy in Warsaw.

Certyfikat Vacuum Jet

Kapsuła Vacuum Jet – jest w pełni profesjonalnym sprzętem o najwyższej jakości. Potwierdzeniem jest certyfikat wydany przez producenta.


















Certyfikat dotyczący zgodności wykonanych prac budowlanych

Certyfikat wystawiony przez Katedrę Budownictwa Betonowego Politechniki Łódzkiej dotyczący zgodności wykonanych prac budowlanych ze sztuką budowlaną dla obiektów: Groty Solne. Wykonane są zgodnie z zasadami sztuki budowlanej oraz warunkami technicznymi wykonania i odbioru robót budowlano-montażowych.

Analiza składu chemicznego soli

Wyniki analizy składu chemicznego soli z Morza Martwego firmy Dead Sea Jordan Trade International Sp. z. oo. Badania zostały wykonane na Wydziale Farmaceutycznym Akademii Medycznej w Warszawie.