Music Therapy

Music therapy is an area that uses music or its elements to restore health or improve the functioning of people with various emotional, physical or mental problems (eg depressive disorders, neurotic disorders, personality disorders, see also psychopathology, subjective well-being).
Traditions of using music in therapy date back to the tribal times, when the shaman during the healing rituals used singing, playing instruments and dancing.
Currently, it is a field of science based on scientific principles, in which a music therapist in the process of education must acquire knowledge in the field of many scientific disciplines (including psychology, medicine, pedagogy, psychotherapy).
Music therapy, affects:

  • general well-being of a person,
  • muscle tension,
  • cardiovascular system, in coronary heart disease music therapy has a beneficial effect on blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate, sleep quality and pain,
  • digestive and respiratory system,
  • the degree of pain sensation (eg pain relief during surgical and dental procedures, obstetrics and gynecology),
  • addiction treatment, music therapy is a promising method for improving the participation in group therapy of addicted patients,
  • in rehabilitation after stroke, music therapy is effective as supportive therapy, used to restore social functions and participate more fully in rehabilitation processes,
  • music therapy helps to improve mood,
  • music therapy is successfully used in post-traumatic stress disorder,
    In Krakowska Jaskinia Solna, we use music therapy during inhalation sessions in salt caves, for instance:
  • beautiful sounds of nature,
  • birds singing,
  • the sound of the forest,
  • the sound of the river, the sea, the ocean,
  • Classical music,
  • Far East music,
  • feng shui.
    And above all, we invite you to live music therapy – for adults and children over 12 years old – concerts of bowls, gongs, tuning forks and other instruments. The youngest clients (from 3 to 10 years old), we invite for music therapy classes for children.