Pregnant women inhalation sessions

We invite future mothers to relax, rest and improve their health in the privacy of the Cracow Salt Cave. Remember: the health of a developing baby in the stomach depends only on the healthy habits of the future mother. Using regular sessions will strengthen immunity and allow you to breathe deeply.

What benefits will inhalation sessions bring:

– they calm and relax the mind (also due to the calm music),
– they ease tensions in a simple way, immunize stress, eliminate depression,
– improve the skin complexion,
– systematic sessions strengthen immunity of mother and child, prevent allergies, and allow to breathe clean, free of  impurities air,
– salt has hygroscopic abilities, thanks to which it can absorb excess water accumulating in swollen limbs,
– healthy air allows to supplement the deficiency of iodine and other elements important for both mother and baby
(such as magnesium, potassium, silicon, iron, calcium, etc.),
– microclimate Salt cave reduces the pressure, which during pregnancy on the upward trend,
– fine salt on the floor of our Salt Cave, additionally massaging the feet, which in the case of most pregnant women,
are very painful,
– rest for the future mother, before childbirth and later taking care of her beloved child.

One session in a salt cave equates to 3 days at the seaside. Most often, the seaside climate is recommended for pregnant women. Of course it is an individual matter, so before the session in the salt cave you should consult a doctor, especially if you have an overactive thyroid gland.