1. The purchase of a service equals the acceptance of these regulations without reservation.
2. Salt cave is primarily a place of tranquility, peace, relaxation!
3. You should enter the cave in comfortable clothes and white, changing socks.
4. Keep silent during the session. Only children playing in saltpit have more freedom, but their behavior must not disturb the other participants of the session. Please, follow the instructions and comments of the staff.
5. Free entrance for children under the age of 3.
6. Children under the age of 14 stay in the Cave only with adult. Guardian of the kid take responsibility for the charges.
A person over 18 may take care of the child.
7. It is not allowed to eat and drink in the cave.
8. It is allowed to bring mobile phone, but only in silent mode. Due to the comfort of other participants, it is forbidden to make phone calls during sessions.
9. In the cave, we do not destroy or touch the orient and interior design category.
10. The cave is monitored and the client is responsible for all damages.
11. KJS Wellness & Spa reserves the right to monitor the facility.
12. In the cave, we do not film or shoot during the screening.
(Ability to take photos and film only during the break between sessions).
13. It is not recommended to use cosmetics with intense aromas before entering the Salt Cave.
14. If you feel unwell, you should leave the Cave immediately.
15. Each session begins at full hour and lasts exactly 50 minutes. Booking is obligatory!
(The last session with children takes place at 18:00 inclusive).
16. We recommend to come at session on time and preferably about 10 minutes before (we do not prolong the sessions).
17. Maximally three people can enter the Cave with one pass.
18. During the session, you should sit comfortable in the chair, breathe deeply and enjoy microclimate treatment.
19. We have three separated parts, it is for:
• Salt and iodine cave for families with children with graduation towers
• Bookcase with massage chairs
• Salt and iodine cave for adults with graduation tower
20. People who are struggling with:
• Overactive thyroid gland,
• Advanced cancer diseases,
• Acute tuberculosis
• Kidney disease
• Allergy to salt
Before visiting the Salt Cave, should consult the doctor.
21. Krakowska Jaskinia Solna Wellness & Spa is not responsible for lost or abandoned items.
22. Partner cards (MultiSport, FitProfit, FitSport) and KJS passes are retained for the duration and are issued when returning the key to the locker.

By following the regulations, we respect your and other people’s time to make your stay in the Salt Cave comfortable, provide true rest and relaxation.
Thank you and wish you a nice session!