Sports massage

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Sports massage is a type of massage aimed at improving the work of the entire movement apparatus. Typically, it is focused on the regeneration of the body after exhausting physical effort. Depending on the stage of the training cycle, it may take the nature of: conditional, between trainings, preparatory, regenerative, after training, before competition.

It is recommended to perform a sports massage during the entire training and sport cycle, both during breaks and preparation for the competition.

Thanks to systematic massage, we are able to prevent injuries, improve the flow of nutrients to the muscles, improve the circulatory and lymphatic system, remove tension, warm up, or loosen it, reduce muscle fatigue and the effects of overtraining. Sports massage is an inseparable element of wellness of every athlete caring for himself.

We often deal with such a situation that people decide to have a sports massage, despite the fact that they are not physically active, why? Because it is “stronger” nothing is more wrong! Sports massage is tailored to specific cases throughout the entire training cycle and is not always intense. If someone wants to take advantage of a more intense massage, we invite to a classic therapeutic massage with elements of a point massage, with an indication that it will be more intense.

Contraindications: diseases with increased body temperature, inflammation, early period after fractures, sprains, dislocations, surgeries, fresh, post-traumatic sprains in joints and muscles, phlebitis, skin diseases.